Monday, August 15, 2016

Ginger Wrap For Colds Helps Remove Mucus. Here's how to make it.

GINGER WRAP for colds

* Coconut oil
* Agave
* Gauze
* Napkin
* Bandage
* Approved Flour
* Crushed ginger or juice

* Mix the agave and the flour into a paste, but make an attempt not to touch it. Add some coconut oil and some fresh ginger juice and then re-roll this mixture in flour.
* Put the paste on a napkin and wrap it with the help of a gauze.
* Place the wrap on your back or chest and fasten it with a bandage. Next, put on your pajamas and you can go to sleep.
* If the wrap is for a child, make sure to put it 2 or 3 hours prior to going to bed.

Adult can sleep with the wrap, but you need to know that it will make you sweat. This treatment has no side-effects, but be cautious if using it with kids since the wrap might cause an irritating effect on their gentle skin.

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