Tuesday, April 1, 2014


What people don't know is that most a lot of foods that are good for you are illegal. Why is that the case you say? I know that a lot of you are saying "Woody that sounds crazy! Why would food that is suppose to be healthy for you be illegal?" Remember, there no profit in people being healthy. There are farms being raided on a daily bases by the federal government. I mean going in guns drawn! So what people do to get healthy and stay that way they form Co-ops. These Co-ops are kind of like underground groups of people that pay a fee or chip in on organic farms for products that are illegal such as Raw Milk. It's illegal for humans to drink raw milk but in some states they sell them and list them as "for pets only" because it's illegal in some states to give it to your pet. Most people in those state purchase raw milk and say it's for their pet and use it for personal consumption. There are many health benefits to organic raw unprocessed milk.
  But for those in the illegal states we do not have that option so we form Co-ops. Most Co-ops have a one time membership fee. Then after becoming a member you arrange to meet at a drop spot and you pick up your raw milk from there. If you would like to be a member of a Co-op I do have a link where you can connect with the co-op(s) in your area. The people I have listened to speak on these co-ops have said the health benefits are amazing. Just go to www.realmilk.com scroll all the way down the questions and answers to where you'll see Real Milk Finder. Or you can just click that Milk finder link I just posted and it will help you find the closes co-op to your city and state. For those of you in the Charlotte Area I've posted some information down below

Charlotte: NC Farm Fresh Food, web: ncfarmfreshfood.com. Private membership cooperative offering monthly delivery of raw cow, goat and sheep dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, cream, etc.); grass-fed beef, pork, and free-range, cage-free eggs and poultry (chicken, turkey & duck); cultured vegetables, honey, syrups, breads, noodles, more. All prepared items use recipes from the book Nourishing Traditions. Food is delivered from out-of-state to a central drop-point in Charlotte

Here's to healthy living everybody.